The Bocce/Petanque Court

The Bocce/Petanque court at ARGANA Restaurant and Bar is one of the only outdoor court in a restaurant in all of Westchester and fairfield. The court was originally built in the early 1965's. our outdoor court traditionally made of crushed stone.

The Rules

At ARGANA you must be 18 years of age or older to enter the bocce/Petanque court.

Please do not gamble as this is illegal.

Games can be played one-on-one (singles), pairs (doubles), singles are played with each person throwing 4 balls and alternating use of each end of the court. In doubles (pairs), each team member throws 2 balls and again alternate use of each end of the court or a single member of each team is at each end of the court and will throw all 4 balls for their team. When their round is finished the other two players at the other end of the court will play back towards the 2 members who started.

The goal is to get your balls as close to the marker (the large metal washer) as possible. You can hit the opponent’s balls out of the way in doing so. Only one team scores and that is the team with the closest ball to the marker. If the second closest ball is of the same color and team as the closest another point is awarded to that team, and so on for the 4 balls. Once the opponent has a ball closer than the winning team's ball the scoring for that round ends.

For example:

Red is closest and has the second closest ball, green has the third closest ball. Red scores 2 points and green zero. Only the winning team scores.

Games are usually played to 11 points.